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Here in San Diego, there’s an ever growing hum around the current and future state of our startup and tech community. Whether you’re lucky enough to live here under the sun, or you call another place home, here’s 5 San Diego based technology startups that you might not have heard of yet.



Founded in 2006, TakeLessons bridges the gap between student and teacher. They make it incredibly easy for someone wanting to learn a new skill, or hone an existing one, to find the right teacher. As well as helping independent teachers find the students they can help most, using their unique teaching style.
TakeLessons makes learning anything convenient, affordable, fun and effective for all ages.
The number of subjects being taught using TakeLessons is staggering. Everything from thermodynamics, to disc golf.

Chef’s Roll

Receiving much recent press is the San Diego startup, Chef’s Roll. Being described as the LinkedIn for chefs, the website brings the richness and diversity of a chef’s culinary world to their online presence.
…designed to travel with you throughout a career, a single curated destination that evolves with you to reflect your style, job history, and professional accomplishments


I saw co-founder and CEO of ElectroZyme, Joshua Windmiller, speak at a recent meetup in San Diego on wearable technology. This company is working on some pretty cool things. Electrozyme is developing proprietary, screen-printed biosensors that are flexible, to conform to your skin, and are completely non-intrusive.
Imagine a temporary tattoo that gives you real-time data on your physical performance.
Electrozyme was also recently accepted into EvoNexus, a non-profit incubator for high tech startup ventures.


There’s enormous buzz around bitcoin these days, and Airbitz aims to help bring this emergent cryptocurrency to the masses. Based in the hipster epicenter of San Diego, North Park, these guys are developing applications and services to make bitcoin easy and accessible for everyone from your Java programmer buddy, to grandma Gertrude. You can download their bitcoin business directory app for Android and iOS, or check it out on their website.


Now here’s an interesting and original company. While still remaining a bit veiled behind the curtain, according to cross-border manufacturing accelerator HardTech Labs, CleverPet is developing a pet learning console. It’s a WiFi-enabled device that rewards pets for solving continuously customized puzzles. They’re rumored to release more details later this month.

Are there any San Diego startups that you’re excited about?

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