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I’m super excited to announce, that after numerous months and a whole lot of work, it’s finally here! Our newest app, Blarg.

With Blarg, you can create and send short sound clips to your friends, and the sound is automatically played out loud on their phone. It’s a really fun and social way to interact with friends, and super easy to use. Simply create or select a sound, choose who to send it to, and then press “send.” You can choose pre-recorded noises, such as “Wolf Whistle”, “Sad Trombone” or “Party Horn”, or can create your own personalized text-to-speech sounds just by typing in what you’d like it to say.
Not only that, but very soon you’ll be able to record your own sounds from right within the app.
Update: You can now record your own sounds.

Blarg is now available for free in the U.S. It’s available on Google Play and soon to be released worldwide and in the Apple App Store.

Check out the video below or visit http://blargapp.com/ for more info.
Or, find it on Google Play.

Travis Walter

I'm a software developer, musician, and founder of twoclaw.com.