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buycott_large_app_icon_sModern consumers need a way of knowing exactly where their hard earned money is actually going when they spend it. Enter Buycott, an easy to use app to help you decide whether or not to purchase a particular product, based on the business practices or affiliations of it’s company. Shopping for potato chips, but prefer to avoid genetically modified Monsanto potatoes? Or maybe you’re deciding between different pairs of jeans but want to be sure they’re manufactured using fair labor practices? In either case, just scan the label using the built-in scanner and Buycott will show you if the company conflicts with anything you’ve told it to look out for.


It works by comparing companies against a vast database of user generated campaigns, setup with specific goals to either support or avoid certain companies, based on their practices. You choose which causes to support or avoid and Buycott gives you the knowledge to act on those choices. You can also create your own campaigns to share, giving other users the chance to get onboard with your cause.


You can dig even deeper and see the family tree of a company to know who it’s parent and/or sister companies are.


There’s a web based side to go along with it as well, where you can login and view the campaigns you follow, your history, your “karma points”, view trending campaigns, etc.
I discovered this app months ago and have been using it ever since. It helps me to know that when I buy something, my money isn’t going to support corrupt, dishonest, or inhumane businesses. I love the user generated side of it, it allows the app to feed off the wealth of knowledge and passion of it’s users. This is a company doing something that matters, and I’m proud to be a user.

Buycott is available for both Android and iOS.

Do you know other apps working to help inform the public?

Travis Walter

I'm a software developer, musician, and founder of twoclaw.com.