FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Talking Ringtone Maker

How do I change the voices in the app?
The voices available to the app come from the default text-to-speech engine installed on your device. So, it is possible to install many other TTS engines (or additional packs) and set them as the default engine on your device. They will then be used within the app.
How do I change the default text-to-speech engine on my device?
On your device, go to Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech output.
Or on Samsung devices, Settings > My Device > Language & Input > Text-to-speech options.
From there you can select which of the installed engines to use.
What are the best text-to-speech engines?
A couple of the better sounding text-to-speech engines are:
Google Text-to-Speech [Free]
IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ [Free]
Do you have a favorite text-to-speech engine not in the list? Let me know so that I can add it here.
Why is there a background service running in the Pro version?
One of the features of the app is the ability to set a custom notification sound for apps or contacts.
Because the Android platform does not provide a way to customize those things out of the box, an additional step is required.
So, what the service is doing is listening for incoming notifications. If a notification comes in that you’ve set a custom sound for within the app, then it’s able to recognize that and play the appropriate sound. In other cases it does nothing and immediately exits.
This is also why, when you set an app or contact notification sound, that you’re prompted to enable the setting for “Notification access”.